Kurobata Pork

Exquisite Kurobuta Pork

Austin Meats American Kurobuta pork is lean, with small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut sweet, tender and juicy. Unlike traditional white pork that tends to be bland and dry, American Kurobuta pork is darker in color and richly flavorful. Comparing the weight of loins before and after cooking, American Kurobuta pork has significantly less weight loss - up to 50% less - than some other varieties. This is the succulent and juicy difference you can taste with Austin Meats American Kurobuta pork

The Kurobuta Story

Contrary to what you may have heard the origin of Kurobuta Pork can be found in 17th century England, not Japan. The breed was first discovered by Oliver Cromwell’s army as they wintered in Reading, the county seat of the Shire of Berks where the breed earned its name “Berkshire”. The legend of the Berkshire breed grew as the men shared their stories of the rich, succulent, juicy pork they enjoyed that winter.

In the 1800’s, as a gesture of diplomatic goodwill, a gift of pure bred Berkshire animals was given to the Japanese emperor. This breed soon became the breed of choice in Japan where it was refined and renamed Kurobuta. Kurobuta means “Black Hog” after the unique natural coloration of the breed.

Austin Meat And Seafood Company Offers A Full Line Of Pork For All Your Culinary Needs. Our Pork Products Include:

    • Center cut loins

    • Prime rib of pork (Rack of pork)

    • Boneless loins

    • Sirloins

    • Tenderloins

    • Single rib bellies

    • Collars

    • Pork Shoulders

    • Three piece hams

Austin Meat's production partners have been passionately involved in producing Kurobuta Pork for the Japanese market for more than 10 years. Over that time our production methods have been refined and today we are proud to produce the most flavorful, succulent, and consistently delicious pork available!

Berkridge Kurobuta

  • 100% Pure Berkshire(Kurobuta)

  • Grown naturally

  • Fed longer, Grown Slower

  • Finer Muscle Texture Retains

  • More Moisture When Cooked

  • Abundant, Fine Marbling

  • Deeper, Richer Meat Color

  • Exquisitely Tender

  • Consistently Juicy

  • Tremendously Flavorful