Austin Wholesale Meat And Seafood Company is committed to distributing the highest quality wholesale poultry products to its customers. From the farm to the customer, Austin Meat’s guarantee of quality and freshness is supported by our company's comprehensive Quality Assurance program to help assure the safety and wholesomeness of Austin Meat’s poultry products. Austin Meat distributes wholesale poultry brands from Perdue, Allen Family Foods, Townsend, Coleman, and Giannone.

The wholesale chicken and poultry distributed by Austin Meat and Seafood Company is of the highest quality. We distribute whole birds, chicken parts, boneless breasts, boneless leg meat, portion control breasts, IQF retail products, and custom products.

Austin Wholesale Meat And Seafood Company Distributes Natural Poultry From Producers Such As Coleman, Our Natural Poultry Products Are:

  • Never fed or administered antibiotics

  • Are always 100% vegetarian fed, with no animal by-products or animal fats

  • Have old-fashioned chicken flavor resulting from a high quality, flavor enhancing corn-soy diet

  • Are raised in spacious houses and in a low-stress environment

  • Offers consistent great taste and tenderness

  • Organic offerings are also available

Austin Wholesale Meat And Seafood Company distributes the Ruby Dragon brand from Townsend, tailored to the Asian market.