Retailer Services

Austin Meat & Seafood Company is a leader in the industry and our reputation allows us to take advantage of volume and program buying. We can provide our customers with a vast array of top quality meats, custom-cut meats and seafood as well as the quality service, and competitive pricing that our long list of satisfied customers have come to expect.

Our facilities are located in New York City at the Hunts Point Co-op Market has been an established part of the wholesale meat distribution business of New York and its neighboring states.

Our refrigerated distribution trucking fleet makes delivers daily to a range of about 200 miles from New York City. We serve:
  • All of New York City

  • All of Long Island

  • Connecticut

  • New Jersey & Atlantic City

  • Pennsylvania

  • Southern New York State including Albany.

Austin Meat & Seafood Company is multi-lingual and multicultural we have specialty items for the various ethnic kitchens that make up the regional area we serve.

Grass Fed Beef

Austin Meat has partnered up with 4K Cattle Company to bring Grass Fed Natural Angus Beef to our customers. Derek F. Kampfe's, the Owner of 4K Cattle Company, family has been raising beef in Montana since 1901. This grass fed natural angus beef, the cattle, after weaning, only eat grass, or grass-hay in the winter months, plus a mineral supplement to make up for the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the grass. The mineral supplement has been custom designed after a lab analyzed the mineral and vitamin makeup of the grasses. It is designed to ensure proper, balanced nutrition for the cattle.

The Angus Cattle are raised exclusively on unconfined pastures.

These cattle are not feed any grains, corn, animal by-products, bakery by-products, potatoes or sugar beets – just 100% grass and hay.
The cattle are never given any growth hormones or antibiotics at any point in their lives.
The cattle are all Angus to make certain you’ll find tenderness every time.
I use humane handling techniques to put as little stress on the cattle as possible.
Grass Fed beef is lower in total & saturated fat.
Grass Fed beef is higher in beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium & potassium. It is higher in vitamins A, B, E & riboflavin.
Grass Fed beef is higher in total Omega-3’s and CLA. It has a healthier ration of Omega-3’s to Omega-6’s.