Austin Meat And Seafood Company distributes wholesale high quality veal raised in humane conditions. Austin Wholesale Meat distributes veal from Delft Blue Farms. In the Delft Blue Farm system, the traditional stall method of raising veal calves are the predominant management technique.
Today, calves grown are second to none in the world for quality. Such quality is a result of superior technology as well as paying close attention to the nutritional needs of the animals.
Veal is a business that is often (incorrectly) criticized for its husbandry practices, Delft Blue Farms have been a ‘stand out’ in the development of modern raising methods. However, a lot of research is currently being conducted on open pen housing, allowing calves roam free and socialize. The development, and use, of automated feeding equipment has made this possible.

Delft Blue Farms are also a leader in new innovations, such as lighting and air circulation in veal barns. Ground heat and coolness are utilized to enhance barn comfort since air movement is essential for comfort and animal health. Delft Blue Farms have also been the primary developer for new building concepts as well as creating new equipment for feeding and managing all calves.
Delft Blue also produces many value-added products such as: veal rolls, dressed chops, sausage and other high value, ready to use products. Also, microwave or oven ready products ensure healthy and delicious meals for the increasingly busy consumers.